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Malta Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

According to aristmarketing, Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, Italy. It is a small but densely populated country with a population of just over 500,000 people. Despite its size, Malta has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque harbors and ancient architecture. The capital… Read More »

Malta Population, Main Cities and Geography

Malta Population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Malta has around 419,000 residents. Due to its small area, the country is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and has one of the highest population densities in the world. The island of Gozo has about 30,000 residents and only 4 people… Read More »

What to See in Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta. The Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de La Vallette, began the construction of this amazing city in 1566, after the victory of the Order of the Knights over the army of Suleiman the Magnificent, who besieged Malta, but could not capture it. The new… Read More »

Travel to Malta

Malta is located in southern Europe and is a state consisting of the main island of Malta and four other islands in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the main island, the islands of Cozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla belong to the island state. The main cities are the capital Valletta, Sliema, Mdina, Mosta, Rabat,… Read More »