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Mexico Population, Main Cities and Geography

Mexico: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Mexico has around 129 million people. Ethnic composition 75% mestizo, 15% indigenous peoples and 10% white (Caucasians) Among the descendants of the indigenous people, the Maya on Yucatán form the largest group ahead of the Nahua, Otomi, Zapotec and Miztecs. Religious affiliation 93% of the… Read More »

What to See in Mexico

Historically, the Maya pyramids are of the greatest interest. The most famous among tourists are the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan means “the place where the gods are born”. It is located 50 km northeast of Mexico City. The Alley of the Dead runs along the entire city for 2 km, it leads to the two… Read More »

Mexico Morphology

Mexico appears as the continuation of the area of ​​highlands which, starting from Alaska, occupy the entire western side of North America and are collectively known as the Rocky Mountains. The bundle of high lands, which in the United States extends between the Pacific Ocean and the Prairie area, is gradually narrowing south of Oaxaca,… Read More »