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Morocco Population, Main Cities and Geography

Morocco: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Morocco has about 36.5 million residents. Ethnic composition The population of Morocco consists of around 60% Arabs and around 40% Berbers. There is also a French minority in the country. Religious affiliation 99% of the residents of Morocco are Muslims (80% of them Malakite Sunnis).… Read More »

What to See in Morocco

The main historical sights of Morocco are located in the so-called “imperial” cities, that is, in cities that were once the capital of the country and, accordingly, the residence of the kings. These include Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes and Rabat. According to Top-mba-universities, Rabat is the current capital of Morocco. It was founded in the 12th… Read More »

Newlyweds, Morocco

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Morocco Demographics 1947

Population. – According to the 1947 census, the population of French Morocco amounted to 8,175,000 residents (of which 7,580,000 Muslims and 195,000 Jews). To these there are 325,000 foreigners (of which a good percentage, that is 266,000, represented by French). The main centers counted: Morocco 237,800 residents (12,000 Europeans), Casablanca 550,000 residents (120,000 Europeans), Fez… Read More »