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Panama Population, Main Cities and Geography

Panama: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Panama has around 4.3 million people. Ethnic composition About 64% of the population are mestizos, blacks and mulattos make up about 14%, Caucasians are about 10% and Asians are about 4%. The rest is spread across different nations. Religious affiliation Almost all of the country’s… Read More »

What to See in Panama

In the southwestern part of Panama, on the Pacific coast, the Azuero Peninsula is interesting.. Here are deserts unusual for the American tropics, as well as many small towns and villages in which buildings of colonial times have been preserved, and whose inhabitants still preserve the traditions of the colonial period. The main centers of… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Panama

Panama is more than the Panama Canal and Janosch’s children’s stories. This is where North and South America meet. According to programingplease, the country is home to a variety of animal species from both continents and offers visitors volcanoes, dense jungles with crystal clear waterfalls. Adventurers can let off steam, swap and snorkel with white… Read More »

Old Panama (World Heritage)

After the destruction of old Panama, Panama Viejo, in 1671 by the English privateer Henry Morgan , the city was rebuilt a few kilometers away on the Pacific. The ruins and the old town of Panama with its bastion, the cathedral and the monasteries as well as the Salón Bolívar are impressive testimonies to Central… Read More »