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Poland Population, Main Cities and Geography

Poland: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Poland has about 38.5 million residents. Ethnic composition 98.7% of the citizens are of Polish descent. 0.6% are Ukrainians and 0.7% belong to other nationalities (Germans, Russians, Belarusians). Religion 95% of the population are Roman Catholics, 1.3% are Polish Orthodox, 0.3% are Protestants, 0.1% are… Read More »

What to See in Poland

Cities. The architectural appearance of Polish cities is very diverse – these are Gothic churches, and castles of the Renaissance, and pompous palace and park complexes in the style of classicism. They are full of wonderful historical monuments – evidence of the clash of different directions of Western and Eastern cultures. The largest cities in… Read More »

Poland Prehistory

Paleolithic. – The oldest vestiges of man are represented in Poland by the Acheuléan industry of the Ciemna cave in Ojców and that of Okiennik. The first has a local character (so-called Prądnik industry, studied by S. Krukowski), the second comes close to the culture of La Micoque. Mousterian deposits, rare in Poland, have been… Read More »

Warsaw in Poland

Who an interesting vacation want to spend, is just right in the city of Warsaw. According to Computerannals, the Polish city ​​is the largest in the country and has a rich variety of sights to offer to visitors. Regardless of museums, Opera houses, theaters, castles, palaces, there is a lot to explore in Warsaw. Aleje… Read More »