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Portugal Population, Main Cities and Geography

Portugal Population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Portugal has about 10.6 million residents. Ethnic composition About 98% of the population are Portuguese. The largest minority groups in Portugal are Brazilians, Africans and Spaniards. Religion In Portugal 93% of the population are Roman Catholic. In addition, Protestants, who make up the largest religious… Read More »

What to See in Portugal

Sintra. The town of Sintra is located northwest of Lisbon.. It is under the protection of UNESCO. Sintra was loved by the Portuguese monarchs; here is – Palacio Nacional da Pena – a unique monument of the era of romanticism, which housed the summer residence of the Portuguese kings. From the height of this palace,… Read More »

Portugal History – The French Invasions

The French invasions. – After Napoleon’s declaration of the continental blockade (1806), the Portuguese government refused to close its ports to England. Napoleon concluded the treaty of Fontainebleau with Spain, in which the partition of Portugal was stipulated, and had the country invaded by an army commanded by Junot (November 1807). The prince regent, with… Read More »