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Slovakia Population, Main Cities and Geography

Slovakia: population, cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Slovakia has a total of about 5.4 million residents. Ethnic composition Approx. 4,615,000 Slovaks, approx. 521,000 Hungarians, approx. 90,000 Roma, approx. 44,600 Czechs, approx. 24,000 Rhutians, approx. 11,000 Ukrainians, approx. 5,400 Carpathian Germans, approx. 2,600 Poles, approx. 2,300 Moravia and approx. 900 Croats. Religious affiliation Approx.… Read More »

What to See in Slovakia

CITIES OF SLOVAKIA. The capital city of Bratislava was founded in 907. Of the sights, it is worth seeing the old town hall built in the 13th century, the Cathedral of St. Martin, where the coronations of kings took place, the Primate’s Palace with the Mirror Hall, the Roland Fountain on the main square, the… Read More »