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South Korea Population, Main Cities and Geography

South Korea: population, cities Population According to Countryaah website, at the end of 2010 there were around 50 million residents in the Republic of Korea. Ethnic composition Koreans and around 20,000 Chinese live in South Korea. Religious affiliation In South Korea live mainly Christians (especially Protestants), there are also followers of Buddhism, Confucianism and shamanism.… Read More »

What to See in South Korea

Jeju Province occupies the island of the same name in the Korea Strait. Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea. Here is the highest point of the country – the extinct volcano Hala-san (1950 m). Jeju famous for its resort areas stretching along the coast, volcanic landscapes and picturesque nature. The beaches here are… Read More »

South Korea Recent History

Domestic tensions The presidential elections on December 19, 2007 were won by the candidate of the conservative Great National Party (GNP) Lee Myung Bak (Lee Myeong-bak) with 48.7% of the vote. As the former chief executive of the Hyundai group and former mayor of Seoul, Lee supported his election success, among other things. to the… Read More »