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Switzerland Economy and History

ECONOMY In the sec. XIX, the results achieved by technological progress created the conditions for starting the process of enhancing what the country could offer. An excellent road and rail network was built, so as to strengthen internal and international traffic and facilitate trade; at the same time numerous hydroelectric plants were created; thanks to… Read More »

Switzerland Literature in German

According to Extrareference, the origins of Swiss literature in the German language are confused in the Middle Ages with those of German and Austrian literature. The first center of diffusion was the Abbey of San Gallo, where the Vocabularius Sancti Galli (770-790), the first German dictionary in history, was born, and in which Notker Balbulus (ca. 840-912),… Read More »

Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons that have partial sovereignty and autonomy. Their historically determined heterogeneous composition is reflected, among other things, in the language landscape with the four official languages Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh. For the majority of the population (around 64 percent), the main language is Swiss German. According to topmbadirectory,… Read More »