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Thailand Population, Main Cities and Geography

Thailand: population, cities Population According to Countryaah website, Thailand has about 69.5 million residents. Ethnic composition 75% Thais, 14% Chinese; Minorities: hill tribes, Khmer, Laotians, Malays, Moken, Indians and whites. Religious affiliation 94% Buddhists, 4% Muslims, the rest are predominantly Hindus and Christians. National languages The official language of Thailand is Thai. Capital, other cities… Read More »

What to See in Thailand

The territory of the country is usually divided into four regions: Central Plains (where Bangkok is located), North, Northeast and South. All of them have their own cultural and natural specifics, and in order to get a complete picture of the diversity of the riches of Thailand, you need to visit each of them. According… Read More »

Excursions to Krabi, Thailand

Sightseeing tour of Krabi An excursion on which you will get acquainted with the unique nature of Krabi and take unforgettable photos! On a traditional Thai boat, we will travel along the river, among mangroves and lianas. The guide will tell you about the features of the traditional way of fishing. On the way, you… Read More »