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Ukraine Population, Main Cities and Geography

Ukraine: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Ukraine has about 45.7 million residents. Ethnic composition The majority (approx. 73%) of the population consists of Ukrainians. 11.36 million are Russians, which corresponds to about 22% of the population. Other minorities are: Jews: approx. 486,000 Belarusians: approx. 440,000 Moldavans: around 325,000 Crimean Tatars: approximately… Read More »

What to See in Ukraine

Monuments of many eras have been preserved in Ukraine – from Scythian burials and Greek cities to examples of classical architecture. Sights can be seen almost everywhere, even in small towns and villages, not to mention large centers. Of course, the capital of Ukraine – Kiev attracts the most attention of tourists. This is a city… Read More »