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Venezuela Population, Main Cities and Geography

Venezuela: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Venezuela has around 29 million people. Ethnic composition Mestizo 67%, Europeans 21%, Africans 10%, Indians 2% Religious affiliation Catholics 92.7%, other 7.3% National languages Spanish (official language) and indigenous languages Capital and other cities The cultural heart of the country is the fascinating, lively, but… Read More »

What to See in Venezuela – North East Coast

The best beaches in the eastern Caribbean coast are considered to be the beaches of the Mochima National Park. It is located between the cities of Puerto La Cruz (Puerto La Cruz) and Cumana (Cumana) on an area of 95 thousand hectares. The park covers the coastal mountains covered with forests, part of the northeast… Read More »

Central University of Venezuela

Central University of Venezuela. Located in the University City of Caracas, it maintains a student enrollment of approximately 54,222 undergraduate students and 8,317 postgraduate students, with 8,601 teachers of which 3,811 are retired; 8,372 professional employees: administrative 3,858 are retired, and 2,883 workers of them 1,679 are retired, distributed in 9 Faculties in Caracas, 2… Read More »