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Yemen Population, Main Cities and Geography

Yemen: population, cities Population According to Countryaah website, Yemen has around 25 million residents. Ethnic composition Almost exclusively Arabs and a small minority of Europeans and Indians live in Yemen. Religion Islam is the state religion in Yemen. About 99% of Yemenis are Muslim. About two thirds of them are Sunnis and one third are… Read More »

What to See in Yemen

The first city that will appear before you after a long trip from Marib across the sands will be Shabwa. The first settlement was founded here in the 13th century BC. e. Later, Shabwa became the capital of the kingdom of Hadhramaut and its main religious center, where dozens of temples were built. To this… Read More »

Yemen History

HISTORY: FROM ITS ORIGINS TO THE 19TH CENTURY The “spice route” made famous in ancient times a state that had its center in present-day Yemen, the kingdom of Saba (1st millennium BC). The Sabeans took over in the century. I a. C. the Himiarites, who ruled Yemen until 525 AD. C., when they were defeated… Read More »