Tokelau Population, Main Cities and Geography

By | January 27, 2023

Tokelau Population and cities


According to Countryaah website, Tokelau has about 1,500 residents.

From these live on:

  • Nukunonu400 residents
  • Fakaofo500 residents
  • Afatu600 residents

Polynesian ethnic groups


  • Congretional Christian Church: 70%
  • Catholic: 28%
  • Others: 2%

Broken down by islands:

  • Atafu: Congretional Christian Church 100%
  • Nukunonu: Catholics 100%
  • Fakaofo: Both religions, with the Congretional Christian Church predominating.

Languages spoken

Tokelaui, a Polynesian language, and English.


Tokelau does not have a capital, only smaller villages on the islands.

Tokelau: geography

Tokelau covers a land area of only around 12 km². Check topmbadirectory for politics, flags, famous people, animals and plants of Tokelau. It consists of the following three atolls:

  • Nukunonu, with an area of 4.7 km².
  • Fakaofo, with an area of 4 km².
  • Afatu, with an area of 3.5 km².


Tokelau also includes the following lagoons:

  • Nukunonu Lagoon, with an area of 98 km²
  • Fakaofo lagoon, with an area of 50 km²
  • Afatu Lagoon, with an area of 17 km²

National borders

The islands have no borders with other states


Tokelau has a coastline with a length of 101 km.

Tidal range

The tidal range, i.e. the difference between high and low water, is up to 4 m here.

Longitude and latitude

Tokelau is roughly at the following latitude (abbreviation φ) and longitude (abbreviation λ):

φ = approximately from 08 ° 30` to 09 ° 30` southern latitude λ = approximately from 171 ° to 172 ° 30` western longitude

You can find detailed information on this subject under Longitude and Latitude.

Legal time

For Tokelau, the following value applies to Central European Time (CET), i.e. the time without summer time. A minus sign means that it is earlier there, a plus sign that it is later than CET:

Δt (CET) = -12 h

Further and detailed explanations of the time can be found under Time zones, time.

The highest point of the sun on Nukunonu

Nukunonu lies at a southern latitude of around φ = 09 °, i.e. in the middle of the tropics.

If the sun or its pixel is exactly above the island, i.e. at 09 ° S, the sun is exactly perpendicular there. This happens exactly twice a year, roughly 35 days before March 21 and 35 days after September 21.


If the image point of the sun and thus the declination is north of the latitude of Nukunonu, the sun is not in the south at noon, as in our latitudes, but in the north. In this case, the sun moves from east to north to west, where, like us, it sets.


The highest point in the country is only 5 meters high.


Tokelau borders the Pacific Ocean with a total coastline of 2,530 km – to be more precise, Tokelau is located in the South Pacific, the so-called South Sea. This region of the Pacific Ocean includes the Polynesian Islands as well as parts of Melanesia and Micronesia.

Tokelau Population