Transport in Singapore

By | July 18, 2022

This small country has a well-developed public transport structure, which includes the subway, rapid train (MRT) system, railway, buses and taxis. The road network and traffic are planned in such a way that there are practically no traffic jams. You can take a tour of the harbor on a luxury boat.


The metro operates from 5.30 am on weekdays and from 6 am on weekends and public holidays until 12 am. On it you can get to almost any part of the city. This transport system includes 2 main lines: north-south and east-west, stations are located throughout the city. Trains depart at intervals of 3 – 8 minutes. The cost of the trip is from 60 cents to 1.60 Singapore dollars.

Rapid train system (MRT)

According to Top-mba-universities, the Singapore Rapid Train (MRT) system is a modern air-conditioned passenger train service with stations throughout the city. Trains run at intervals of 3 – 8 minutes. MRT rides are cheap, ranging from 80 cents to SGD 2.50. The fare can be determined from the map of fare zones posted at the entrance to the station. Having determined the fare, you need to load the appropriate amount of coins or banknotes into the ticket machine and press the desired button. The ticket must be lowered into the turnstile twice: at the entrance and at the exit from the destination station.

Instead of money, you can pay for MRT and bus fares with the Wert Transitlink Farecard. It can be purchased and charged at every Transitlink ticketing point located at the MRT and transfer stations. The minimum Farecard price for adults is SGD 10. When buying a Farecard, you should know on which day you will use it, as it is valid only on that day.

A day pass for tourists costs SGD 10 and allows you to make up to 12 trips per day, regardless of distance. It is valid for both MRT and buses.


Bus fares range from 50 cents to SGD 1 for non-air-conditioned buses and from 60 cents to SGD 1.3 for air-conditioned buses. You can buy an electronic pass or pay the fare from the driver by throwing coins into the box next to him. They don’t give change on buses, so you need to collect exactly the amount that is required in small change. You can buy a travel card with an unlimited number of trips for one or three days. Bus timetables are sold in large bookstores and at terminal stations. Trolleybuses

have recently appeared in Singapore. Their route runs to Orchard Road, Marina City Mall, Chinatown Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Singapore River and the World Trade Centre. A day ticket costs SGD 14.90 and can be purchased from the hotel receptionist or directly from the driver.


Taxi in Singapore very cheap and one of the most convenient ways to get around the city. It can be caught around the clock by raising your hand. All cars have air conditioning. Most drivers speak English. Keep in mind that taxi queues are not uncommon in the evening, especially at the shopping center on Orchard Road and at the time the ferry arrives at the Harbor Front Centre. Each car has a meter, so fares are charged according to the meter. Taxi fares vary depending on the time of day and route. In any case, landing is paid (approximately SGD 2.40). Each kilometer costs about 50 cents. For entry to the main street, business center or expressways, an additional charge of SGD 0.75 to 3 is charged depending on the time and day of the week; for a trip between 00.00 and 06.00. 00 am – additional 50%, for travel between 07.30 – 09.30 and 17.00 – 20.00 – additional SGD 1. At the end of the trip, you can ask for a receipt, which indicates the distance, start and end times of the ride. You can order a taxi by phone, which will cost about 5 Singapore dollars.

Cycle rickshaws are not popular with the local population. This mode of transport can be used to enhance the experience of Asian exoticism. The price and itinerary must be agreed in advance. Currently, the cycle rickshaw is more of an attraction than a real means of transportation, so it will cost more to travel than a taxi.

Car rental Singapore

has offices of all major car rental companies. In order to rent a car, you must have a valid driver’s license and passport. People at the age of 21 and with a driving experience of at least 1 year can take a car. In Singapore renting a car is expensive, it will cost around $200 per day. It is much more profitable to rent a vehicle with a driver, the minimum cost of such a rental is from $30 per hour.

Keep in mind that driving in Singapore is on the left hand side and driving without a seat belt will incur a fine. City and CBD parking tickets can be purchased at any post office kiosk or gas stations.

You can also rent a boat for trips along the Singapore River.

Sentosa Island can be reached by ferry or bus. Also between Singapore and Sentosa have a cable car, laid high above the strait (Cable Car). From her cabin offers stunning views of the bay, port, residential areas and skyscrapers of Singapore. The cable car has three stations – Mount Faber, Harbor and Sentosa. A one-stop ticket costs SGD 7.5, and a four-stop ticket costs SGD 8.9.

Transport in Singapore