Tuition Fees in Australia

By | June 11, 2021

Both international and local students must pay tuition fees in Australia. However, tuition fees in Australia are usually significantly higher for international students than for local students. On the one hand, this is because the amount of tuition fees that universities in Australia are allowed to charge from residents is limited by the Australian government. On the other hand, the places for local students are partially subsidized by the state. International students usually have to prepay tuition fees in Australia for each semester.

Tuition fees in Australia at a glance

The tuition fees for international students in Australia fall depending on the university, angestrebtem degree and study of different heights. As can be seen in the following overview, the price ranges are quite large.

  • Bachelor’s degree: AUD 15,000 to AUD 33,000 per year
  • Masters Degree: AUD 20,000 to AUD 37,000 per year
  • MBA program: AUD 19,000 to AUD 100,000 total costs
  • LLM degree: AUD 20,000 to AUD 52,000 for the entire degree
  • Promotion: AUD 14,000 to AUD 37,000 per year

There are certain subjects in Australia where the tuition fees are significantly higher than indicated in the price range. This includes human, dentistry and veterinary medicine, i.e. subjects for which the university has to provide laboratories and other equipment. By the way, it is cheapest to study humanities at Australian universities, because these cost the universities comparatively little.

You can take a language course in Australia for a price starting at AUD 300 per week. Those wishing to complete a vocational education and training (VET) program in Australia can expect tuition fees between AUD 4,000 and AUD 22,000.

Many Australian universities report tuition fees per year. The actual calculation of the tuition takes place not in Australia but based on the academic year, but on the basis of courses taken or the acquired credit points.

Examples of tuition fees in Australia

The tuition fees for a Bachelor’s degree in Australia show how much the subject and the choice of university influence the level of fees for international students.

International students who complete a humanities degree with a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University, for example, pay AUD 23,500 per year. Prospective dentists who are aiming for a Bachelor of Oral Health degree in Dental Science from Griffith University, on the other hand, have to budget AUD 45,000 annually in tuition fees.

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A bachelor’s degree in business administration at La Trobe University in Melbourne currently costs AUD 24,800 to AUD 25,890 per year. At the University of Melbourne, the course fees for this field of study are significantly higher at AUD 33,760 to AUD 36,152 annually. At Bond University, one of only a very few private universities in Australia, the tuition fees for a full business degree are AUD 99,336. If you extrapolate the University of Melbourne’s annual tuition fees for this subject over the course of three years, you can see that Bond University is not necessarily more expensive than a state university with high tuition fees. However, the tuition fees at Bond University, for example in the humanities, are significantly higher than at Griffith University or James Cook University.

A comparison of the tuition fees at the eligible universities in Australia can therefore be worthwhile for international students.

Tuition fees for a semester abroad in Australia

Australian universities have a fixed price for international students who spend a semester abroad. Tuition fees for an undergraduate semester abroad in Australia are between approximately AUD 7,000 and AUD 18,000. However, many Australian universities have fees below AUD 10,000. Often four courses are included in the tuition fee. Some universities offer international students the opportunity to only three courses per semester to prove. This significantly reduces the tuition fees. At some universities there is a semester abroad for international students who take courses in Postgraduate studies are more expensive than for undergraduate students.

Tuition fees in Australia: through expensive and cheaper universities

Among the universities with the highest tuition fees in Australia are the private Bond University as well as the eight elite Australian universities of the Group of Eight. According to various international university rankings, the universities that have joined forces to form the Group of Eight are among the best in the world. That’s not to say that cheaper Australian universities are a worse choice for international students. Cost is not the only criterion for a good university. The cheaper universities are also doing well in an international comparison and international students will also find excellent study conditions there before – and possibly also the individually more suitable course offer.

Further study costs for international students

In addition to the course fees, international students may incur additional fees in Australia. These include registration fees ( application fees ) or the so-called Student Services and Amenities Fee. This flows into leisure activities or career counseling, services that directly benefit the students. International students should inform themselves individually about the additional fees charged by the preferred university in Australia.

For textbooks, students should budget between AUD 800 and AUD 1,000 annually. There may also be costs for things like excursions.

Tuition Fees in Australia