US 231 and 24 in Indiana

By | October 28, 2022

US 231 in Indiana

US 231
Begin Rockport
End St. John
Length 298 mi
Length 480 km

















Crown Point

St. John

According to bestitude, US 231 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms a secondary north-south route through the south and west of the state. The road has a secondary function, connecting mainly small towns and running from the border with Kentucky west of Indianapolis to St. John, on the south side of the Chicago metropolitan area. The road is 480 kilometers long.

Travel directions

De William H. Natcher Bridge over de Ohio River.

US 231 in Kentucky crosses the Ohio River from Owensboro and enters the state of Indiana. The road then runs north for about 25 miles and crosses Interstate 64 at Dale. One also crosses the border of a time zone here, after which the US 231 forms a route to the north through a number of small towns. At the village of Loogootee you cross the US 50, over which the US 150 also runs. At Bloomfield, the route hops a little west and then northeast, before crossing Interstate 70 a little further north at Cloverdale and then US 40.

Further north, you cross US 36, an east-west route, and then pass through Crawfordsville, one of the larger towns on the route. There is a connection with Interstate 74 and US 136 that run parallel to each other. This part of Indiana is flatter with lots of meadows and little forest. Then you come around the town of Lafayette, the largest town on the route of US 231 through Indiana. The road forms the western bypass and also crosses the Wabash River. This is followed by a short double numbering with US 52, which has 2×2 lanes, after which US 231 turns north and crosses Interstate 65 three times in a short time. There is also a short double numbering with the east-west route US 24. The road here passes through a sparsely populated part of Indiana with many farming villages. Just before the terminus, US 231 veers west and crosses I-65 for the fourth and final time. The road then ends just south of the Chicago metropolitan area on US 41.


US 231 near Lafayette.

US 231 was created in 1926, but at the time it ran no further north than Marianna in Alabama. In 1954, the route was extended far north to St. John in northwestern Indiana. The fact that the route was extended only later is clearly visible in the route formation of US 231, traffic has to change direction quite often to follow US 231. The road is therefore not of great importance to Indiana. On September 13, 2013, West Lafayette’s five-mile western bypass opened.

Traffic intensities

The road generally has about 5,000 vehicles per day, except at a few larger towns, at Lafayette the intensity is a maximum of 32,000 vehicles. The last part is somewhat busier with 13,000 vehicles.

US 24 in Indiana

US 24
Begin Kentland
End Woodburn
Length 174 mi
Length 280 km









Fort Wayne


Webster Road



According to biotionary, US 24 is a US Highway in the US state of Indiana. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state and is a major 2×2 lane junction east of Logansport, particularly. The road is 280 kilometers long. The largest city on the route is Fort Wayne.

Travel directions

US 24 at Wabash.

Just west of Kentland, US 24 in Illinois joins US 52 from Peoria into Indiana and heads due east. After 8 kilometers you reach the village of Kentland, where you cross the 2×2 US 41. US 52 then joins in the direction of Indianapolis. The road then leads through the meadows to Remington, which is 25 kilometers to the east. The road runs straight and follows the grid pattern. At Remington follows a short double numbering with US 231, after which one also crosses Interstate 65 . About 15 kilometers to the east follows a short double numbering with the US 421. In Monticello one crosses the Tippecanoe River, which here consists of small reservoirs. A little further east, at Logansport you cross the US 35. The road crosses the Wabash River here and becomes a 2×2 divided highway.

The US 24 is not a highway, but it does have that appearance between intersections. About 15 kilometers east of Logansport, at the town of Peru you cross the US 31. US 24 then follows the course of the Wabash River eastwards and passes through an undulating area to Huntington. There is not much forest in this region, most of it is along rivers. US 224 begins at Huntington and leads to Findlay in Ohio. US 24 curves north here and after about 30 kilometers reaches the city of Fort Wayne, which has more than 250,000 inhabitants and is an important city in Indiana. The US 24 follows a somewhat separate route here, it first goes south on Interstate 69 and then follows Interstate 469along the south and east sides of Fort Wayne. It also crosses a number of other US Highways in Fort Wayne, US 27, US 30 and US 33. East of Fort Wayne, US 24 exits from I-469 and continues as a freeway for the last 15 kilometers to the Ohio border where US 24 continues in Ohio to Toledo.


US 24 east of Fort Wayne shortly before opening.

US 24 was created in 1926. Despite the fact that the route only calls at one major city in Indiana (Fort Wayne), US 24 is of through importance because alternative east-west routes are quite a distance away. Since the 1980s, US 24 between Logansport and Fort Wayne has been widened to 2×2 lanes. The first sections to be widened were between Peru and Wabash and from Huntington to Fort Wayne. At the end of the 1990s, the section between Logansport and Peru was doubled to 2×2 lanes. In the early 2000s, a new 2×2 route was constructed between Wabash and Huntington.

In 1989, the first section of the US 24 bypass opened at Fort Wayne, which would later be numbered I-469. In 1993, the eastern portion of the bypass opened, eliminating through traffic following US 24 through Fort Wayne. In 2010, the highway section opened from Woodburn to the Ohio border. On November 13, 2012, the remaining section opened between I-469 and Woodburn, on the east side of Fort Wayne.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 4,100 vehicles cross the Illinois border, rising to 11,000 vehicles for I-65 and then lower at 3,500 vehicles. 5,000 vehicles drive to Logansport and increasing from 5,000 to 8,000 vehicles on the 2×2 section to Huntington. The 2×2 section to I-69 in Fort Wayne has a maximum of 18,000 vehicles per day. East of Fort Wayne, the intensity drops from 11,000 to 7,500 vehicles.

US 24 in Indiana