US Valentine’s Day

By | March 24, 2022

Proper preparation for US Valentine’s Day

Many Americans mark Valentine’s Day in their calendars months in advance in order to have enough time to prepare. This includes the following:

  • Asking someone out on a Valentine’s date
  • Tinker Valentine’s cards (including purchase of materials)
  • Write poetry or do research
  • Find the right Valentine’s Day outfit
  • Find the right decoration
  • Reserve tickets or seats for joint activities

The 5 golden rules for Valentine’s Day

According to acronymmonster, Valentine’s Day is very important in the United States. Therefore, you should not only think about him, but also know the most important unwritten laws for the festival of lovers:

  1. No Day for a First Date The romance pressure on Valentine’s Day is just too high for a first date with someone you don’t know yet. You should therefore choose a different day for the get-to-know meeting.
  2. Don’t exclude anyone Especially among schoolchildren there is a great danger that someone will be left out while everyone else competes in popularity with Valentine’s cards. Make sure that nobody is forgotten around you.
  3. Honest rather than expensive A $ 200 luxury bouquet is no substitute for an honest show of affection. Therefore, make yourself less commercial stress and more thought about what you really want to express.
  4. It’s about the others, not you. Pursue everything you do on Valentine’s Day with just one goal: to show people that they are liked and loved. It’s not about winning a trophy or conquering someone.
  5. Roses for lovers only If you give flowers to someone other than your crush or partner, they shouldn’t be roses. According to the Valentine’s Day etiquette, these are reserved for romantic love.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Most Americans give away flowers, romantic little things, and lots and lots of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. But some go a step further and really think about it. Here are a few unusual gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Book: The Couple Challenge

The Pärchen-Challenge is a book for intrepid couples who are not afraid of ruthless honesty.

With the subtitle “365 questions that go to the heart”, this joint challenge gives the opportunity to deepen the relationship and raise it to the next level.

Game: Tell me

If a book seems too final to fill out, the “ Say Mal”Game that serves the same purpose.

In-depth questions for more trust should ensure that you will still experience the next Valentine’s Day together.


With this Mixtape 4.0 called “MASHTAPE”, the 80’s tradition of the mixtape for lovers is continued – with the difference that the music cassette has a USB plug.

LEGO Valentine’s Day bee

Does the loved one like to play with LEGO? Then this LEGO Valentine’s Day bee is the perfect gift!

Experience voucher

An experience voucher is as versatile as the colors of love and can contain just about anything from a professionally designed candlelight dinner to a parachute jump.

Fun Facts: Valentine’s Day USA

As is so often the case, Americans go one better on Valentine’s Day. Here are the funniest facts about Lover’s Day in the United States:

  • The Bronx Zoo in New York City offers the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to symbolically name its 50,000 giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The gift includes a certificate that a cockroach has been named in honor of the loved one.
  • Forgetting Valentine’s Day can be a cause of separation in the United States. American partners should therefore not underestimate the importance of this day.
  • At least 9 million Americans buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. The most popular gifts include treats, toys and cuddly beds.
  • Most Valentine’s Day gifts in the United States are given to teachers. Schoolchildren are in second place. Only then do mothers, wives and girlfriends come.
  • American men spend about twice as much money as women on Valentine’s Day.
  • A lawyer from Tennessee is giving away a free divorce gift to a client every Valentine’s Day.

Yes it is love!

If you’ve read this article to the end, then you are definitely in love with the USA. We are too, that’s why we have even more exciting facts for you about life in the USA in our “ American Adventure ” section.

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US Valentine's Day