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By | January 27, 2023

Vatican state: population



According to Countryaah website, around 3,400 people are employed by the Holy See and in the Vatican State, but only around 70 people actually live in the Vatican City and of these around 400 are citizens of the Vatican State. In addition to the Pope, there are cardinals, prelates and the Swiss Guards. The Swiss Guards receive citizenship during their service for the Vatican State, which they have to surrender after their service is over. In general, the citizenship of the Vatican is not tied to persons, but to offices and is always limited in time. The 40% of Vatican citizens who rarely stay in Vatican City or Rome have functions as papal ambassadors and/or nuncios. They too lose their citizenship with their office.

The approximately 3,400 employees in Vatican State work as domestic staff, can be found in the clergy (e.g. administration), take care of security, work as teaching staff or work for the radio and the press.

Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard is a 110-strong troop of well-trained men. Since its foundation under Julius II in 1506, it has ensured the security of the Pope as well as the state borders, the entrances to the Vatican City and the Apostolic Palace. To become a member of the Swiss Guard, you have to be a Catholic Swiss citizen, between 19 and 30 years old and physically fit. One cannot be married up to the rank of non-commissioned officer. The service period lasts at least two years. During this time, the guardsmen had Vatican citizenship, which they were revoked after their service ended.

Religious affiliation

The Vatican is the seat of the head and the central administration of the Catholic Church. All residents are therefore Catholic. According to Abbreviation Finder, VAT stands for Vatican in English. Click to see other meanings of this 3-letter acronym.

National language

The official languages of the Vatican are Italian and Latin. In contrast, French is used in diplomatic correspondence.

Vatican state: geography, general map

The Vatican is a sovereign state within Rome in Italy. The head of state is the Pope. Check topmbadirectory for politics, flags, famous people, animals and plants of Vatican City.

Area and boundaries

The Vatican covers an area of 44 hectares = 0.44 km².

The Vatican shares a common border with Italy only, with a length of 3.2 km.

Longitude and latitude

The Vatican is rounded up or down to the following latitude (abbreviation Δφ) and longitude (abbreviation Δλ):

Δφ = at around 41 ° north latitude Δλ = at around 12 ° east longitude

You can find detailed information on this subject under Longitude and Latitude.


Central European Time (CET) applies in the Vatican.

Further and detailed explanations of the time can be found under Time zones, time.

The highest point of the sun in the Vatican

The Vatican lies on average at a north latitude of around φ = 41 °.

If the sun is at the tropic, i.e. at δ = 23.5 °, summer begins in the Vatican, this is June 21. Then, for the highest position of the sun at noon, according to Eq. 1 (see position of the sun):

41 ° = (90 ° – h) + 23.5 °


H = 72.5 °

At 72.5 °, the sun in the Vatican has the highest level of the entire year above the horizon (precisely: above the horizon).

Vatican City Population