Amazing result: Nokia X 6 better than iPhone 4?

, Stiftung Warentest has come an amazing result for mobile phone comparison. The mobile test has shown that the Nokia X 6 is better than the much sought-after iPhone 4. The Smartphone from Nokia made a comparison among 18 other smartphones at number one! Second place is also used by a mobile phone from the House of Nokia evidence namely the Nokia 5230. The Apple iPhone 4 will succeed only in third place.

iPhone 4 only on third place!

Hardly a Smartphone is so in demand as it currently is the iPhone 4. Apple has made it his to introduce latest cell phone with big bang in the market. The demand for the latest iPhone is huge! Yet the well-known and reputable company is now an amazing result Stiftung Warentest: iPhone 4 is a comparison among phones ranked only three. Come before the Apple best seller of the Finnish manufacturer Nokia phones – the Nokia X 6 and Nokia 5230. However, it is to note what aspects were decisive for the result of this comparison. To the one Foundation has named Warentest as justification, that convince the cameras of the Finns phones and also the good sound. Negatively the reception problems were, however, on the iPhone, resulting from the side antenna. When handling the antenna the reception performance at the Apple Smartphone is more than 90 percent with dropped the Nokia phones (and also the bold 9700 and the Samsung Omnia II), however, only 15 percent. Criticism got the iPhone 4 even for iTunes compulsory binding. Other providers of music and additional applications are blocked. Also the extremely high price of the Smartphone was negative in the assessment.
It is important that all aspects were included in the comparison. Points such as design, processing, and video quality are not running incorporated into the evaluation. Last but not least is also to say that it is for the selection on the individual preferences of the user.

A short comparison between iPhone 4, Nokia X 6 and Nokia 5230

, The iPhone 4 is 16 GB and 32 GB on the market in the Variant. Both versions have a camera with 5-megapixel camera with Flash and photos or videos on a razor sharp retina display will be visible. Videos can record in HD quality. The video telephony enabled by Apple for the first time, which is possible only with a conversation partner, who owns an iPhone 4, comes in handy. So far, the Apple Smartphone is only in black available. Two finished the Nokia 5230 Navi. Here there is only a camera with 2 megapixels, but also a large touchscreen display videos let 8.1 cm. in size not in HD quality record, but in VGA quality. Otherwise, the standard features of a smartphones as well as HSDPA and GPRS among others provides support and an integrated GPS module and a memory which is expandable up to 16 GB. The cell phone in black red, white-silver, is available all black blue white and in. Square one-the Nokia X 6 also offers a storage space up to 16 GB. The display offers a good resolution of 360 × 460 pixels and is 3.2 ” large. The camera offers as well as that of iPhone 4 good 5-megapixel and a LED flash for dark environments. The winner is available in the colours red and black and blue and white.

Availability and price

All three smartphones are available in the online-shop of bridgat with us. To order simply click on the button right next to the desired product. Without a contract, the price of the iPhone 4 whopping 957,95 euro, the price of the Nokia 5230 is only 134.95 euros and the Nokia X 6 283.95 euro.