Vodafone is “ best mobile operator of the year ”

Vodafone has also this year the nose front. Already for the second time in a row, the network operator won the reader’s choice “best mobile network operator of the year.” The readers of Telecom Trade agreed and crowned the second year Vodafone the winner. The Düsseldorf network operator before the Telekom, which shines with the overall score of 2,47 lies with a total score of 2.42. Teléfonica Germany is followed by E-Plus, a battered fourth place in third place. Vodafone convinced in the half of all categories. 659 readers of Telecom, trading could determine the winner and therefore also the overall winner in 20 categories. Participate could readers, which starts at mobile phone dealers or Partnershop operators also covered a wide spectrum of all Telecom Trade.

The radiant winner was Vodafone
With a total score of 2.42, Vodafone was able to improve in comparison to 2010 again to 0.18 points. Especially about the victory in the two categories “Coverage/availability” and “Fast data network” Vodafone will have happy. For the first time, the network operator ousted deutsche Telekom in this category in 2nd place.
Matthias Thieme, Director consumer indirect for Vodafone Germany, said to again win of the reader’s choice of Telecom Trade: “the first place has excited huge. The confirmation of the work by our sales partners is a huge motivation for the entire sales team.”

Deutsche Telekom ended up in second place
Deutsche Telekom is 2,47 just behind Vodafone. The network operator is available, inter alia in the categories “dealer hotline-/ service” and “Complaint behavior” at the top of the podium. Particularly shine can Telekom in the cross-selling business and there takes a touch of 1.76.
Uniformly criticized the category “Fair treatment of all distribution channels” will continue. Nevertheless, Deutsche Telekom wins this.

Teléfonica improved barely, and E-plus disappointed with his overall score
Teléfonica moves with the overall score of 2.82 on 3rd place and improved only slightly in comparison to the previous year. Also E-plus shines with a total score of 3.11 not particularly.