Warsaw in Poland

By | November 2, 2021

Who an interesting vacation want to spend, is just right in the city of Warsaw. According to Computerannals, the Polish city ​​is the largest in the country and has a rich variety of sights to offer to visitors. Regardless of museums, Opera houses, theaters, castles, palaces, there is a lot to explore in Warsaw. Aleje Ujazdowskie is one of the highlights of Warsaw. Linden trees, which were planted in the eighteenth century, stand on both sides of the street. In the street there are many chic upper-class houses in the city. Another must-see to see when visiting Warsaw is the former ghetto. The ghetto was created in 1940, the first year of National Socialism in Poland. The ghetto used to be inhabited by Jews, who had to live here under the rule of the National Socialists in increasingly poor conditions. In March 1942 the first Jews from the Warsaw ghetto were brought to the Treblinka concentration camp. In April 1943 the Jews no longer wanted to surrender to their fate and the ghetto uprising broke out, which was brutally and brutally suppressed by the National Socialists.

The Polish city has many special places to offer that you will definitely not get bored when visiting Warsaw.

The old town market is well worth seeing. The splendid square is in the center of the Warsaw Old Town. The market was considered one of the most important places until the end of the eighteenth century. The city’s famous town hall, which was demolished in 1871, was also located here. But that was and is not the only sight that can be found at the Old Town Market. Some reconstructed patrician houses from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries stand around the splendid square. There are also numerous cafes and market stalls here. Here you can also rent a horse-drawn carriage tour to explore Warsaw’s old town.

Other interesting and well-known places in the city are the Bankenplatz, the Drei-Kreuze-Platz, the Mariensztat and the Schlossplatz. There are some interesting streets in the Polish city that are full of historic buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The special buildings include z. B. Warsaw City Hall. The building was not built until 1947, but was rebuilt according to the original plans from 1824. Before the town hall was housed in the building, the building served other purposes. It was already the seat of government of Prince Lubecki, customs and treasury commission, Polish bank and stock exchange.

The building of the former western and credit banks is something special. The impressive building at Fredry 8 is the only remaining building from the end of the nineteenth century. Today the building of the former West- und Kreditbank houses a music library.

Warsaw has many other interesting buildings to offer. Visitors to Warsaw who are interested in architecture are sure to be amazed by the Polish capital.

There are also plenty of museums to discover in Warsaw. There would be the archeology museum, for example. The museum exhibits archaeological finds from all over the world. But not only the exhibitions are worth a visit, the building alone is worth seeing. This is a former fortified building from the seventeenth century.

Those interested in Asian art should n’t miss the Asia and Pacific Museum. The museum exhibits impressive collections of Asian art in two locations.

The evolution museum is an absolute must. In the museum you can learn more about the different steps of evolution on earth. Among other things, dinosaur skeletons are also exhibited.

The Frederic Chopin Museum is also worth seeing. The museum is in that Ostrogski Palace. In the museum you can see documents and personal belongings of the famous Polish artist. Regular Chopin concerts take place in the concert hall of the palace.

Another museum that should be seen is the Geology Museum. Here you can marvel at stones and minerals from all over Poland.

If you want to learn more about the history of Poland, you should n’t miss the Warsaw Historical Museum.

Classical music lovers will be delighted by the Polish city as it has two of the most important opera houses in Poland. Here you can enjoy wonderful evenings with ballet or classical music.

There is also plenty in Warsaw. Also on musicals and cabarets one must not do without.

If you are interested in historical religious buildings, you will also get your money’s worth in Warsaw. The Alexander Church is worth seeing. The sacred building was built between the years 1818-1825. The counterpart of the Polish church is in Rome, although it is by far larger than the Warsaw church.

Another church in Warsaw is the Basilian Church of the Assumption of Mary. It was built in 1780 and looks more like a palace than a church to visitors.

Also the Church of the Redeemer worth a visit. It is one of the youngest churches in the city, as it was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. But it combines stylistic elements of the Polish baroque, renaissance style and stylistic elements of the Middle Ages.

Warsaw in Poland