What to See in Indonesia

By | July 18, 2022

Java island.

First of all, on the island it is worth visiting the capital of the country – Jakarta. Of interest here is Taman Fatahila Square, paved with stone, on Freedom Square (Medan Merdeka) rises a 132-meter marble monument “Monas”, on top of which an imitation of a flame covered with gold is built, the National Museum of Indonesia is located nearby. The Central Museum, which was founded in 1778, has an extensive collection of finds that date back to the Stone Age, here are the products of ancient masters from bronze and ceramics. The museum will tell about the life and traditions of the peoples inhabiting the archipelago. Also of interest are the Jine-Yuan temple, which stands in the Chinese quarter of Glodak, and is considered the oldest temple in the city (17th century), the ancient port of Sunda Kelapa, the building of the city hall, the Willelme Church (1835), the presidential palace, Penang Gate (1671), the Istiklal Mosque (one of the largest in Southeast Asia) and the Palace of Arts (1820).

According to Top-mba-universities, you can buy souvenirs at the local bazaar and at the Mangadau shopping center. In the south of the city, visit the Ragunan Zoo with your children or the Mini Indonesia Park with a greenhouse where colorful orchids grow. In addition to the capital’s attractions, the island has many interesting places. The resort of Bandung is located in the mountains, in its vicinity you can see the picturesque Dago Falls and the hot springs of Maribaya.

Near the city of Bogor, there is a botanical garden Kebun Raya (80 hectares). In the village of Prambanan is the Lara Jonggrang temple complex, built in the 10th century. Its name translates as “slender maiden”; performances of the famous ballet “Ramayan” are very often held here.

In the center of the island, the most popular among tourists is the Borobudur Stupa, which was built from 778 to 856. In translation, its name sounds like “Temple of a Thousand Buddhas”. This structure is a stone step pyramid 34 meters high, which is surrounded by a five-kilometer “Road of Processions” in a spiral. In total, there are about 500 Buddha statues here, and there is a sanctuary at the top. It is the largest monument of Buddhism in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

Bali is the most popular resort in Indonesia. It is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. The main city of the island is Denpasar, where tourists will be interested in the Ethnographic Museum, the Arts Center and, located on the slope of the Agung volcano, the temple complex Pura Besakih (Temple of the Mother) – There are a lot of temples in Bali, the most famous of them are the “Royal Temple” surrounded by water Taman Ayun in Mengwi and “temple in the middle of the lake” Uyun Danu. In the ancient center of artisans, the city of masters and the capital of art Bali – Ubud, you can buy souvenirs, walk through the jewelry gallery, batik gallery, visit the woodcarving center. Be sure to go to the “Bat Cave”, “Elephant Cave” and Lake Batur located in the crater of an extinct volcano with a chic botanical garden around. Sulawesi┬áIsland is known for its Toraya tribes, which arrange complex and very interesting ceremonies. In the city of Ujungpandang, it is worth seeing the Vredenburn Fort and the Museum of Folk Art, and from the city of Manado in the north of the island, tourists travel daily to the stunning coral reefs near Pulau Bunaken.

On the island of Sumatra is the largest lake in the archipelago – Toba (1707 sq. km.). It is so large that several villages have been built on the island located in the center of the lake. Among the natural attractions, it is worth highlighting the Gunung-Luser and Berbak National Parks. In the city of Medan of interest are the Istana Maimun Palace, the Mesjid Raya Mosque and the Bukit Barisan Military Museum, in the vicinity there is a crocodile farm.

Almost the entire island of Kalimantan is covered with impenetrable forests, where Dayak tribes still live. The cities of Samarinda and Balikpapan are the best place to start an exciting journey along the Mahakam River. During the trip, you can admire orchids and see animals such as orangutan, crocodile, clouded leopard, macaque and the legendary hornbill and visit one of the Dayak tribes. The only freshwater dolphin in the world is found in the waters of the Mahakam River. Flores Island is known for its unique multi-colored lakes in the crater of the Kelimutu volcano. Various mineral salts coming from the craters into the lakes change the color of the water.

What to See in Indonesia