What to See in Palau

By | July 18, 2022

Koror Island

On the island of Koror is the city of Koror , which until 2006 was the capital of the state. Now it is the main economic center of the country and the largest city of the state, about 70% of the population of the Republic of Palau lives here. According to Top-mba-universities, Kororhas hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. In the city, it is worth visiting the National Museum of Palau , which tells about the history of the islands and their culture. The museum funds include more than 1000 exhibits. The most interesting exhibits are the head of a 5-meter crocodile, the largest ever caught in the Palau Islands., beads and money from shells, wood carvings and a collection of Japanese military equipment from the Second World War. On the island of Arakabesan near Koror is the country’s most popular resort complex – Palau Pacific Resort.

In the vicinity of Koror Island there is a Dolphin Center. Here you can watch dolphin performances, feed dolphins and swim with them. Close to the International Center for the Study of Coral Reefs with a huge aquarium. The center is famous for the cultivation of the giant clam tridacna. The “Aquarium” consists of several halls that tell about the history of the islands and their geological structure, as well as about the inhabitants of the local waters, among which are such rare ones as the Golden Mastigia jellyfish and the nautilus.

Malakal Island

Opposite Koror Island is Malakal Island. Here you should go to the Micronesian Mariculture Exhibition Center, where the museum of the International Center for the Study of Coral Reefs is located.

Rock Islands

35 km south of Koror more than 200 islands stretch, united under the common name of the Rock Islands. These islands are uninhabited and have the status of a protected area. A special permit is required to visit the Rock Islands. The islands are ancient coral reefs uplifted by tectonic processes. They are composed of limestone, white limestone cliffs can be seen on the coast of the islands. The Rock Islands are a great place for diving, snorkeling and fishing. Of the attractions of this island group , Jellyfish Lake is interesting., which is connected to the sea by limestone caves. It is home to millions of jellyfish, among which you can swim. Also on the islands there are caves with stalactites, where ancient petroglyphs were discovered, and on one of the islands there is a quarry where stone money of the Yapese culture was made.


Island Babeltuap Island is connected to Koror Island by a bridge. It is the largest island in Palau., it has an area of about 367 sq. km. Its length is 43 km, and the width of the island reaches 23 km. However, only a small part of the population of the state lives here. Babeltuap is a volcanic island with forested hills in the center and sand dunes along the coast. On the east coast of the island are the best beaches in the country, where there are suitable conditions for surfing. The capital of the Republic of Palau is also located here – a small village Melekeok . Not far from here is Lake Ngardok – the largest natural freshwater reservoir in all of Micronesia with an area of 493 hectares.

The coastline of the western part of the island is covered with mangroves. In the northern part of the island of Babelthuap is the highest waterfall in all of Micronesia – Ngardmau, which can be reached by a trail through the jungle. Its waters fall from a height of 18 m. Also in the northern part of the island of Babeltuap is a place called Badrulchau, where you can see the remains of the most ancient civilization of the Palau Islands – rows of basalt blocks of impressive size. According to the legends, these blocks were erected by the gods themselves to protect their main gathering place on earth. Well-preserved 37 monoliths, some reach a weight of 5 tons. Badrulchau is surrounded by artificial landscapes – man-made terraces. It is believed that they appeared here around 100 AD. In the southwest of the island of Babeltuap is another place with the ruins of ancient civilizations – Imeungs. In the southern part of the island is the Ngatpang waterfall, about 6 m high, which is located in the forest near the road.

Kayangel Island and Ngarwangel Island

Kayangel Island is located north of Babeltuap Island. This is a coral atoll, having a length of only 3 km. Not far from it, Ngaruengel Atoll, which has the status of a protected area, stretches for 9 km. These atolls are suitable for lovers of secluded relaxation. There are few tourists, a quiet sea and deserted sandy beaches. In addition, Ngaruengel Atoll is known for its craftsmen for the production of woven bags and baskets from pandanus leaves.

Peleliu and Angaur

Islands The Peleliu and Angaur Islands are located in the southwestern part of the main reef ring. The islands became infamous during World War II, when there were fierce battles between the military forces of Japan and the United States. Peleliu Island has an area of ​​13 sq. km. The island is home to the National Historical Park., which covers the main battlefields of World War II. Here you can see the abandoned runway of the old airfield and a lot of military equipment. Peleliu Island’s main town is Kloulklubed, home to a small Military Museum.

Angaur Island has an area of 8 sq. km and is the southernmost in the main island group of the Republic of Palau. In the dense forests of the eastern part of the island, the remains of military equipment from the Second World War have been preserved. Numerous planes and tanks have long been overgrown with grass and in the wilderness of the forest are a terrible sight. The main settlement of the island is the village of Ngaramash. Not far from it, on the northwestern tip of Angaur, a statue of the Virgin Mary rises, and nearby is a Buddhist memorial erected in honor of Japanese soldiers who fell in battle. Angaur Island is the only place in Palau that has monkeys. Macaques were brought to the island at the beginning of the 20th century by the Germans, who developed phosphate deposits here. Also on the island is the only casino in the country.

What to See in Palau