What to See in Taiwan

By | July 18, 2022

Taipei , the capital of Taiwan, is a modern metropolis that combines traditional Chinese buildings, turn-of-the-century Japanese, and modern Western. Unlike many other megacities, the city boasts an abundance of greenery; there are many beautifully landscaped parks and gardens. The remarkable museums of the city also attract attention, the most famous of which is the National Palace Museum. Not far from Taipei is the traditional village of Wulai and the China Window South complex, which reproduces the sights of Taiwan and mainland China in miniature. A small resort town is located

According to Top-mba-universities, 25 km from Taipei. Keelung . Here you can see several interesting sights. On top of a hill in Chungcheng Park, there is a 23-meter statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin). There is also an observation deck with stunning panoramic views of the harbor and surroundings. Another popular place for tourists is Yehliu Park, where you can see amazingly shaped natural rocks, created over the centuries by wind and waves.

Leofoo Safari Park is the only wildlife park in Taiwan. Various representatives of the wild nature live here. Also here is the largest Buddha statue in Nirvana.

Taichung is the third city in Taiwan. It is known as an educational and cultural center and is famous for its Sun Moon Lake. The eastern part of the lake is round like the sun, while the western part is crescent shaped. The lake is located at an altitude of 2650 m and is the largest natural reservoir on the island. At the center of the lake rises an island that has long been a sacred place for the Shao people. The island is closed to the public, but boats pass near it. This place is famous for its stunning mountain scenery.

On the territory of the natural complex, you can see the pagoda, which the founder of the Chinese Republic in Taiwan built in honor of his mother, visit a small zoo, the temple of the God of War (Wen Wu), as well as the village of the Shao people, where anyone can participate in traditional dances and rituals, taste their food and buy extraordinary souvenirs made in the national style.

Hualien (Hualien) is a small provincial resort located on the Pacific coast. The place is very picturesque, with an unusual mountain landscape. Whale shows are held here every day. Usually this city is visited during an excursion to the Tarorko nature reserve. Taroko is one of the world’s most magnificent natural attractions, where you can see the gorges created by a mountain river in the rocks of marble and granite, surrounded by wild lush vegetation. The reserve also includes the Temple of Eternal Spring, the Swallow Cave, the Nine Turns Tunnel, the Marble Bridge and some other attractions.

Alishan mountains (Alishan) in the south of the island are one of the most popular tourist areas on the island. The landscape area of the mountains includes peaks, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, as well as a unique 3000-year-old oriental cherry tree, which has a height of 52 m and a diameter of 23 m. You can get to this place by mountain railway.

Lanyu Island or Orchid Island owes its name to the luxurious tropical flowers that grow in its forests. Flowers are so peculiar that they even received prizes at international exhibitions. The island has a small area and is in relative isolation (76 km from the southernmost point of Taiwan), so it cannot receive a large number of tourists. The island can be reached in 3.5 hours by sea from Taitung. The isolated position largely determines Lanyu’s charm. One of the main groups of Taiwanese aborigines, known as the Yami people, lives here, whose ancestors once lived in the northern Philippines. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and is one of the best places for diving enthusiasts.

Puppet Shows.

Summer in Taiwan you can see street puppet shows. These performances still partially retain their once inherent religious significance, therefore they are held in honor of the celebration of a bountiful harvest. These shows were one of the earliest forms of folk entertainment and showcase the skillful technique of hand animation and sound imitations. In the past, the action was accompanied by the beats of drums and gongs; nowadays, the background music is created by both Chinese and Western instruments. Along with hand puppets, old-fashioned shadow puppets and puppets delight contemporary audiences.

What to See in Taiwan